In 2007 MGC New Life Christian Academy underwent a dual international accreditation through the Commission on International Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) – a joint venture first to both accrediting agencies. In 2008, MGC New Life attained the highest accreditation level from CITA and ACSI recognized the school as accredited for the Philippines. In the reorganization of CITA, it became part of AdvancED. As part of the new umbrella of accrediting agencies, all AdvancED accredited schools outside the United States and Latin America are now under the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). 

The accreditation we received affirms that MGC New Life Christian Academy meets the highest standards for academic excellence and school management. Moreover, the accreditation attests that the MGC New Life standards, systems, and protocols are at par with internationally set criteria. MGC New Life Christian Academy is the first school in the Philippines to be accredited by AdvancED and NCA CASI and the second school in the Philippines for ACSI.

In 2016, the re-accreditation process began with the visit from a consultant from ACSI, establishing that MGC New Life Christian Academy continues to perform at an excellent level of compliance with accreditation standards. Throughout 2016, MGC New Life will be involved in a thorough self-study program that evaluated areas that impact student learning, professional development, and school systems. The rigorous preparation was capped with a three-day on-site visit by a team of local and international panelists.

With the seal of accreditation from ACSI, MGC New Life Christian Academy vouches to its commitment to excellence to maintain the highest level of performance in all aspects to positively affect student learning outcomes. It also strives to enhance the teaching-learning experience of student and faculty alike to meet internationally accepted research-based standards. It also establishes an atmosphere of continuous improvement grounded on best practices in the academic sphere.

Even with the advent of new processes and technologies introduced by the accreditation experience, at the heart of the existence of MGC New Life Christian Academy still beats the steady pulse to its initial and genuine mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to train children to be God-fearing and socially responsible through high-quality Christian education based on Biblical truths and principles.