MGC New Life Christian Academy


God is anything but boring.  As beautiful and rugged as the landscape He has created, so will He let His beloved experience the rocky terrain and the calming shores. Through torturous twists and vast plains, His beloved rides in His wings to reach glorious peaks only to be dropped in thorn-filled valleys and then once again scooped up into safety of His bosom – exhilarated and breathless, but nonetheless thankful.

MGC New Life Christian Academy can be likened to the roller coaster twister ride.  Borne out of pursuit of excellent education, fueled by desperation, propelled by prayer, and motivated by faith, a dozen teachers set forth in search of the proverbial academic Mecca and landed instead in an abandoned three-bedroom house in Paco, Manila graciously loaned by a church member and dear friend.  Pretty much entirely on a D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) mode, the teachers got ready to welcome the first batch of 150 students they prayed so hard for.  But God, in His infinite wisdom sent 33 pupils, as that was what all the teachers could handle.  With that, New Life Foundational Learning Center was born.

In a not-so-distant place, the board of deacons of Makati Gospel Church was thinking of church growth projects.  Being of one heart and led by the spirit, they started to start a pre-school in the church basement, using the Sunday School rooms as classrooms.  That was how Makati Gospel Learning Center (MGLC) came into being.

While New Life was expanding with its growing number of students, it opted to rent another house while funds were being raised to buy its own property. Within the school day, teachers had to be ferried to and fro by a tricycle in time for the next class. But every time a suitable place will be found, the place has already been sold.  It seemed like the Lord was closing every door.  The lesson of waiting and trusting was learned.  On the other hand, in March 1992 MGLC acquired a 1,148 square meter property beside the church building.  Construction ensued in November 1993 and was completed in March 1995.  Now the school is ready for expansion.

1997 was a critical year for the school.  The school board of MGLC decided to shift the English curriculum to the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program.  They believed that this would be better suited to meet the needs of Christian students.  Many teachers, however, did not have the same stand.  It became clear the MGLC had to look for people who shared the same opinion on the issue.  At that time, New Life was in need of dire need of an infrastructure to house all the students under one roof.  MGLC needed human resources; New Life needed a building.  What divine coincidence!  The Lord had marvelously worked again.  He gave the board of trustees of MGLC and the administrators of New Life a chance to talk.  Since the ideals of both schools were the same, the possibility of a merger was seen.  After several weeks of prayer, it became clear that the Lord’s will for both schools was to merge.  In 1997, New Life Foundational Learning Center and Makati Gospel Church merged to become MGC New Life Foundational Learning Center.

In obedience to God’s prompting, 1999 birthed the high school department of MGC New Life.  Consequently, the school was named as MGC New Life Christian Academy.

After several years at the de la Rosa (Makati) Campus, the school outgrew the building again and had to find a new place for the then 600 or so students.  As the board and administrators were scouting for prospects, a piece of property was offered nestled in the center of the University Park of Global City, Taguig, in the navel of the academic hub with International School Manila, British School Manila, Manila Japanese School, and Victory Christian School as its prestigious neighbors.  After much prayer and consideration, and with God’s cue to proceed, the school set forth to occupy and build on the 4,967 square meter gift of a land where now it still stands.

By God’s grace, from the transfer to Taguig in 2004, the school enrollment has increased so much that what we thought to be our final nest is now too small to take in the growing brood.  Much as we would like to settle and be content, we are fazed with yet another twist in this already adventurous ride that prompts us to ask, “Lord, where do we go now?”

After years of prayers, the Lord has been silent thus far.  Not daring to get ahead of Him, we wait for Him to take to break His silent and take the lead.  Until then, the waiting ensues, and the saga continues.


MGC New Life Christian Academy is bound by its commitment to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to train up children to become God-fearing and socially responsible young adults through high-quality Christian education based on biblical truths and principles.


A leading school recognized for developing learners to become excellent in academics and character, who will be CHRISTIAN LEADERS that will make a difference in the 21st Century.

Core Values

Faith – MGCNL believes that faith in God should be first and foremost above all. That from faith – salvation, good works, and a commitment to the Great Commission can be brought about.

Excellence – The school believes that a commitment to excellence as well as a good measure of a Christian’s obedience to the God-given mandate to do his best, is necessary for proper nation building.

Character – Any true success of an individual is measured not by his achievements but measure of a Christian’s obedience to the God-given mandate to do his best, is necessary for proper nation building by how he carried himself towards success. Because God measures success by a person’s character, we encourage our students to continually improve their character by following God’s leading in every aspect of their lives.

Leadership – In accordance with the school’s vision, MGCNL believes in training Godly servant-leaders, who will emulate Christ in all of their endeavors, living a life of a true disciple.

Students-Learning Outcomes

maturing MGC New Life student will become:

L – ifelong and passionate learner

E – thical and responsible citizen

A – ble and accountable steward

R – ational and critical thinker

N – oble and selfless individual

E – ffective and reputable communicator

R – eliable and resourceful researcher

S – piritual and prudent discerner

Philosophy of Education

A. MGCNL believes that the Holy Bible is the Word which provides perfect and sufficient instructions in all matters of faith and Christian living, so that it forms the basis of true quality education.

B. MGCNL believes that reality is centered on the reality of God Himself, not in human philosophies or material things.

C. MGCNL believes that every child is unique and special in the eyes of God, being gifted with a distinctive blend of God-given skills and abilities which, with proper motivation and guidance, can be developed to its full potential.

D. MGCNL believes in the use of discipline as a form of guidance, not punishment. Healthy discipline is necessary to growth and should not be viewed as an end in itself.

E. MGCNL believes that learning should be made fun and enjoyable to the child. It contributes to a healthier psychological development when a child is free to express and not suppress his feelings in his natural way.

F. MGCNL believes in providing a learning environment which facilitates the growth of the child. It believes in the application of affirmation, praise, and encouragement rather than ridicule and criticism which lead to demoralization.

G. MGCNL believes that play is not to replace learning, and that these two must be creatively linked together, so that play facilitates and enhances learning.

H. MGCNL believes that the following traits are important in shaping future leaders and citizens who will contribute significantly to the betterment of the national and international community:

1. faith and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

2. a heart for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ

3. academic competence and ethics

4. social awareness and concern

I. MGCNL seeks to achieve its mission through the involvement and endeavor of the students, alumni, faculty, administration, church, and parents.

J. MGCNL believes that God has given the child to the parents. The parents are responsible for the child’s nurture and education. The parents delegate to the school the responsibility of providing an education for their children.

K. MGCNL believes that the teacher is responsible to provide a Christian education for the student both by example and by instruction. Therefore the school requires that the teacher should not only profess a biblical acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but must also manifest it in his life.

Our location

L2 B18 University Parkway, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines

You can reach us at

+63 2 8816 4233 reachus@mgcnewlife.ph